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Alsager Community Theatre

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New Year Acting Opportunities in South Cheshire / North Staffordshire!

In March 2015 (w/c 15 March), ACT will perform two one act plays by Peter Shaffer, The Public Eye and its companion piece, The Private Ear. Each play requires two men (any age may be appropriate) and a woman (up to 40 years old in appearance). Both plays are intelligent and thought-provoking, yet with plenty of silliness and physical humour!

In The Public Eye, straight-laced accountant Charles has married young, fun-loving Belinda. Insanely jealous, Charles engages an incompetent private detective, Julian, to follow her round London. Julian can only report that she is attached to someone. When the three meet it transpires that Belinda has fallen for Julian. Deciding to mend a marriage, rather than break it, Julian banishes Belinda to her wanderings but this time to be followed by Charles.

In The Private Ear, shy, idealistic Bob meets Doreen at a classical music concert. He plucks up the courage to invite her for dinner, but makes the mistake of inviting a work colleague, confident worldly-wise Ted, to help with the cooking. The date is of course a disaster!

The plays are already partially cast, but we still need two more actors, one male and one female. If you are interested, please attend Alsager Library in the first rehearsal week, Monday 5 January or Wednesday 7 January at 7.45pm.

Or contact Maree Thorpe on 01260 276165.